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Metronome 2 compatible with any device.

Our Metronome 2, version 2.2.0 is now compatible with any device running Android OS 2.1 or higher.

New sounds for Metronome 2 available for download

As our Metronome 2 now sports the ability to use custom sounds, we have made a sound pack for you to for easier start. You may download it by clicking here. Just copy the sounds to your SD card and use the import feature. Enjoy.

Metronome 2 released !

We are excited to say, that a version 2 of of our Metronome has been released,
bringing several cool new features.

It comes as an entirely new app and is now available for purchase on the Android Market.

For the users of our old Metronome:

We put quite a lot of work into this new version and there is even more to come. For this reason we decided this to be a paid upgrade. We hope and strongly believe, that for the price of the app, this is not a big issue.